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Whats New in iOS 7

Whats New in iOS 7 ? on the scene and, as expected, it brings numerous new features, enhancements, tweaks, bug fixes, and even a glitch or two, making it a typical beta release for developers.

Probably the biggest change in iOS 7 the stronger typography. Apple is now using Helvetica Neue Regular instead of Ultra Light, making every menu easier to read (especially for users with poor eyesight).

Whats New in iOS 7

Whats New in iOS 7 ?

1- Sync Reminders: 

On iOS 7, if you deleted a reminder from your iPhone, it will be deleted automatically from your iPad and vice versa.

2- Improved Notification Center

Now, notification centre will show you some new information such as the weather status and reminders.

3- Latest Updates Apps

When you visit App Store, it will show you the latest apps which has been updated.

4- Air Drop via Bluetooth:

On iOS 7 you will be able to share and transfer photos and files using bluetooth via Air Drop.

5- Turn By Turn Walking Directions:

Now you will get Turn-by-Turn voice directions while you are walking.

6- Night mode for Maps: 

I am constantly adjusting my phone’s brightness when I use it as a nighttime navigator. As such, night mode for Maps sounds like it might be right up my alley; while Apple didn’t display exactly how it might be implemented, a brightness slider or black/white mode would be much appreciated.

7- Maps bookmark syncing: 

iCloud has offered bookmarks syncing with Safari since its inception, but iOS 7 marks the first time you’ll get sync for your Maps bookmarks, as well. So if you add your favorite sushi joint’s address to your iPhone, rest assured it should show up on your Mac and iPad, too.

8- Improved search in Mail:

Now you can search on all email accounts and inside all folders.

9- PDF annotations: 

Now you can display and add annotations on PDFs

10: Chat Options:

On iOS 7, Contacts app will show you the contacts who can you chat with, the contacts who have FaceTime and iMessage enabled on their devices.

11- Call blocking:

We were waiting this function since very long time, on iOS 7, you will be able to block any contact anyone who repeatedly calling or messaging you.

12- Don’t track:

Safari now presents a feature which protect you from being tracked by advertisers.

13- 60fps video :

If you love shooting high frame-rate video, you’ll love Apple’s new camera app, which purportedly shoots video at 60 frames per second.

14: Clock:

Clock icon will show you the actual time.

15- New Dictionaries :

Apple has added three new languages (Korean, Italian and Dutch)

15- Auto Apps update:

Now you can enable / disable autoupdate for your Apps from Settings app.

16- FaceTime app:

Now, FaceTime has an icon on iPhone like iPad.

17- Microphone:

Now the applications that require the use of the microphone such as Skype, Viber or etc must take your permission in advance.

18- Unlock screen:

Now you can slide to unlock your iPhone from anywhere of the screen to unlock your iPhone.

19- FaceTime with Voice:

Now you can make FaceTime calls with voice only.

20- Codes reader:

Now iOS 7 can read codes with camera to charge iTunes cards or in Passbook app.