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View Twitter Trending Topics Directly On Your iPhone Lockscreen

We think it’s pretty fair to say that the majority of people like to keep on top of what’s going on in the world, right? That information could come from your favorite news application, by word of mouth or from reading an actual magazine or newspaper. People still purchase those don’t they? The rising popularity of social networks has meant that we are now closer to real-time information than ever before, leaving us with things like Facebook updates and Tweets to keep us informed. But, and stay with us here, what if you could use your jailbroken iPhone to get real-time trending topics directly from Twitter? Welcome to Daily Dash.


Daily Dash is essentially a very simple, but very effective tweak. The package has been developed as a Cydget Widget to allow users to download and install the software in order to get instant trending topics pulled directly from the recently floated social network’s servers. After a relatively rocky launch into Cydia that resulted in a few teething issues, Daily Dash has undergone an almost immediate update to get it working effectively.

After installing the tweak, users will need to pop on over to the native Settings application in order to configure it correctly. After opening Settings, select the Cydget dedicated preferences before choosing the Lock Cydget Order option. Make sure that Daily Dash is ticked before restarting the device. That’s pretty much all there is to setting up this handy and knowledgable package. When the device has popped back into life the native lockscreen should be updated to show the latest top three trending topics. Beautiful.

It’s fair to say that Daily Dash could probably do with a little additional power. It would be great if users could actually choose how many trending topics are pulled in and displayed on the lockscreen. We all know that Twitter defines a lot more than just three as part of its service so it seems a very strange design decision to purposely limit users. It would also be good to see some power given to users in terms of changing the aesthetics of the tweak to suit those who potentially have a Winterboard theme installed.

Still, it’s professionally implemented. It’s a relatively fresh and innovative idea and best of all, it’s entirely free-of-charge from the default ModMyi repository.