iPhone Stolen / Blacklist / Lost / Barred IMEI Check

$5.00 $3.00

Delivery Time: 1-15 Minutes
Service Type: IMEI Service
Brand: All Brand
Network: Global
Cancelable: No
Refund on NA: Yes

Reply Sample

IMEI: 013667001592972
Global Database: Blacklisted
Private Database: Blacklisted
AT&T (USA): Blacklisted
Verizon (USA): Clean (GSM or Activated by other User)
T-Mobile (USA): Blacklisted
Cricket (USA): Blacklisted
Metro PCS (USA): Blacklisted
Telus (Canada): Clean
Telenor (Sweden): Clean
Softbank (Japan): IMEI is not recognized in Softbank
AU KDDI (Japan): IMEI is not recognized in KDDI

The following iPhones can be blacklisted:

  • Devices reported as stolen
  • Handsets known as lost
  • Gadgets blocked by reasons listed in carrier’s contract
  • Devices with unpaid bills

It doesn’t matter what country your iPhone is from. Use this blacklisted status checker to learn more about your handset. Remember that it is impossible to unlock blocked iPhones to be used in their home countries but it is possible to unlock blacklisted iPhones to be used outside your home country.