Posted on reviews (SCAMMERS) reviews (SCAMMERS) ? Last few months we noted that many unlocking stores have been launched, we think that such phenomena is very normal due to the huge demand in unlocking solutions. But the main issue is that there are many scammers emerged between those unlocking stores. In this post I will tell you more about reviews (i.e real reviews) and does scammers?

Well, those bad guys are always promising visitors that we could unlock your iPhone with a very cheap price compared at market prices (amount like 19 GBP), after paying the unlocking fees, they ask you for more money due to any reason (your iPhone is blacklisted, wrong carrier and etc.), when you refuse to pay this amount of extra money they refuse to refund your money.

This is being done with 200 to 300 customers daily, which means that they collect 4000 GBP to 6000 GBP per day without even doing anything. Only 10% of customers placing chargebacks through their banks, but other customers are not aware with such actions to refund their money. reviews (SCAMMERS), How?

In order for such scammer to trick their customers, he created a third party review website for himself called trustmark.reivews , How I knew that? In the begining the ownership whois data for the review website and his unlocking store were the same, but now he protected his both websites data.

Then I tried to place a “Test Bad Review” on his website via, look what I got:

Step 1: I visited this scammer page on to place “Test Review” reviews (SCAMMERS)

Step 2: Here’s the data I entered in my review: reviews (SCAMMERS)

Step 3: The review didn’t appear in his store page, it appeared in another unlock page ( reviews (SCAMMERS)


And now, you can do this test yourself. reviews (SCAMMERS), More evidence:

After writing this post, he may tick his visitors by another way, scammers can do more and more. So you should always try to stick to rule of thumb, so that you know you are doing the right thing.

Before buying any service or product via internet you have to visit a third party review website, something like, and finally let me show you some of this scammer’s reviews on :


Source: Trustpilot

official iphone unlock co uk review scammer


Source: Trustpilot

official iphone unlock co uk scammer review


Source: Trustpilot reivews


Source: Trustpilot scammers


Source: Trustpilot scammers reivews


Source: Trustpilot reivews scammers

What to do if I have scammed by

Simply, you have to call your bank and place chargeback on this transaction (you can get this transaction from your credit card history), this may take 1 to 4 weeks until bank refunds your money

Conclusion: reviews show that this website is scammer and will not unlock your iPhone unless you pay more money. So don’t waste your money with this scammer. So in case you need to unlock your iPhone make sure that you are dealing with a company which policy will protect you in case of failure unlock which means that it will refund your full money or unlock your iPhone.

Update 1 : in 27 Aug 2017

  • We tried to do some search about Official iPhone Reviews in Google and we found that

Official iphone unlock reviews google scam

  • Official iPhone unlock reviews TrustPilot Ranked as scam

official iphone unlock reviews trustpilot

  • official iPhone unlock reviews SiteJabber :

official iphone unlock reviews sitejabber

Finally be aware about reviews (SCAMMERS).