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Get New Wallpaper Every Time You Unlock Your iPhone

The majority of those individuals involved in the jailbreak community, whether it be as an end-user or a developer, will probably agree that Ryan Petrich is one of the hardest working guys in the game. Over the years we’ve seen a number of innovative and unique tweaks released under his name, as well as a plethora of extremely important security patches and fixes that make being jailbroken a lot more secure. His hard work and dedication is showing no signs of feigning with the launch of WallCycle, a new tweak on his private repository that gives users a new device wallpaper with every unlock.

WallCycler can definitely be thought of as one of Ryan’s more simplistic packages, but also one that will be greatly received. A stock installation of iOS currently only allows users to select one single image to be applied as the wallpaper on either the lockscreen or homepage. This has been the default behaviour for quite some time, with Apple showing no signs of ever changing that. Rather than implement its own preferences or options panel, WallCycle handles itself by injecting directly into the native flow that users need to go through to change to a static wallpaper.

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After installing the tweak, users are encouraged to head on over to Settings >> Wallpapers & Brightness >> Choose a New Wallpaper. Selecting an existing album from the list will then provide a user-facing prompt that asks “Cycle all photos in this album?“. Selecting the affirmative will mean that whenever the device is unlocked the operating system will work in conjunction with the tweak to select and apply a new image directly from the chosen album. Selecting No will allow the normal process of selecting a static image to be followed through.

Petrich has also added some handy integration with one of his other more famous tweaks, Activator. Users are also able to assign an Activator gesture or action directly to WallCycle in order to manually invoke a change of wallpaper from the selected album. For those that are jailbroken and want to give WallCycle a try, then make sure to add Ryan’s repository to your list of Cydia sources: