How To Check If Your iPhone Is Locked or Unlocked For Free

Imagine the scene: you need to leave the country for an impromptu holiday or business trip. You travel in style to your destination, purchase a local SIM card in order to try and keep costs down only to realize that your iPhone is locked to your home network and won’t accept the local SIM. Frustrating indeed. Made even worse by the fact that you’re probably going to be in line for a fairly substantial bill as well. Thankfully, we’re all about being in control of our own destiny, meaning that we’re going to share with you how to easily check if your iPhone is unlocked or not. Arm yourself with this knowledge and never be frustrated again in this situation.

iPhone Locked or Unlocked

As with most things in this complicated world there are a number of different ways to determine if a device is locked or not. Because we genuinely care, we’re going to elaborate on them all.

Check if Your iPhone is Locked or Unlocked – The Easiest

The simplest method of determining whether or not an iPhone is unlocked is simply by trial and error. Take possession of a SIM card that has been provided by a network other than your home. This could be simply borrowing a friend or family member’s. It could also be an active, low-cost pre-pay SIM that can be picked up for next to nothing. Place the SIM card into the iPhone, turn it on and keep those fingers crossed. If the device is unlocked then it will recognize the SIM card, read it correctly and display the name of the network in the top left hand corner of the status bar.

However, if the device is network locked then it will provide an error message asking you to insert a valid SIM card. It’s always worth rebooting the device a few minutes after installing the SIM card just to make sure that it’s been given adequate time to make a connection with the network.

Check if Your iPhone is Locked or Unlocked – The Internet Method

If for some bizarre reason you can’t get your hands on a different SIM card then it is possible to take to the internet as a solver of all the things.  My IMEI Unlock  is capable of accessing a public database of IMEI codes that can then determine whether or not the owning device is locked or unlocked. You got to love the internet. As you might imagine, you will need the unique IMEI code of the device in question to actually interact with and use the check service.

iPhone locked or unlockedSample of report your will receive about your iPhone

When the IMEI number of the device has been entered into My IMEI Unlock’s IMEI checking system, it produces a table with a number of interesting points relating to the device. On the report you can see many information about your iPhone, the “Simlock, Warranty, Serial number, Purchase Country, the official carrier of your iPhone and etc.” .

You can check if your iPhone unlocked or not from here => iPhone Locked or Unlocked

In case you get a full report about your iPhone, you can head over this link => iPhone SIM Lock Status & Carrier Check [FREE]

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