How to Unlock After Ordering iPhone IMEI Unlock

How to Unlock After Ordering iPhone IMEI Unlock ? If you have been Received an Email from our Support Containing [ Congratulation your iPhone has been Unlock ] that’s meaning that your iPhone Unlocked Successfully and you are about a few steps to complete your Unlock.

Official Factory Unlock after order IMEI

  • Before saying it’s not working and you followed all the instructions, just “RESTORE YOUR iPhone”.
  • A lot of people say they try all methods but they never restored to latest iOS because they waned to keep jailbreak.

follow These Simple Steps :

  • Make sure your sim card doesn’t have a PIN code set to it.
  • First insert a NON Official Sim card in iPhone  if u get signal and network you are done.
  • If you are asked for activation connect iPhone to your computer and using the latest iTunes version activate iPhone.
  • Also for activation you can use your wireless internet connection directly from iPhone.
  • If there is any problem with activation or with getting signal, backup your important data from your iPhone install latest iTunes version and restore to latest iOS Firmware.
  • If you are using an iPhone 3G or 3GS and you have iPad baseband you need to downgrade your baseband (Google) and update to latest iOS.

Or second method:

  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes (latest version) with another simcard (not same carrier that iPhone is locked too)
  • Wait until iTunes detects your iPhone
  • Now disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it back after 10 seconds.
  • Now your iPhone is fully Unlocked.

If you have cydia installed or jailbroken iPhone

  1. Insert any SIM Card directly in iPhone . Only sim card, Do not insert turbo/gevey sim card chip
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset > RESET NETWORK SETTING  (Be careful!) in iPhone and reset it
  3. Restart iPhone and process activation steps or connect with iTunes software on computer* (*must be connected to internet!)
  4. After completion of activation process, iPhone will receive network bars like normal

That’s it, your iPhone is unlocked. If above method does not work for you, it will require to restore with latest iOS.

How to restore iPhone?  Download latest version of iTunes from here

If you already have, start restoring process as below.

  1. Connect iPhone with Computer / Mac and run/start iTunes.
  2. Backup your iPhone (Only if you require your contacts, photos, message and application data)
  3. Click on iPhone as mentioned in this picture
  4. Click on Restore, and press yes when iTunes notify about latest version.
  5. After downloading latest iOS file (approx 700MB – 1GB) it will start process for updating with latest iOS
  6. Upon successful restore, insert any sim card and activate iPhone.
  7. iTunes will display a message: Congratulations! Your iPhone is unlocked successfully.

How to Unlock iPhone 3G -3Gs – Officially

It’s not possible to unlock officially 3G / 3Gs with direct update and activate method. Due to previous jailbreak release, all iPhone 3G, 3Gs has installed a patched modem firmware or called baseband 6.15.00 (You can check in Setting > General > About menu). follow this detailed step by step guide tounlock iPhone 3G / 3Gs

38 thoughts on “How to Unlock After Ordering iPhone IMEI Unlock

  1. krishna wayne says:

    I have iPhone 5s I have found it somewhere …and its locked …what should I do.plz suggest me something..

  2. marzouq says:

    i have iphone 3gs its lock with three network uk
    can i unlock this

    and how many days to unlock ?
    and how much the price ?

    plz ineed your answers ?

  3. klajdi mato says:

    it is i phone 5 from apple usa(att) and my iphone imei is 0134400016176. any one who can help me,,,, please

  4. César says:

    I have a Verizon iPhone 5s that has never been activated to turn on Verizon prompted to select the language, country and then turn asks a Verizon account with information provided (ZIPCODE and last 4 digits of social security number) I am not a customer Verizon so I have no account with them. I want to know if paying the release by imei not mind this and released when connected to iTunes. I use it for other GSM. I await your response. The Esin THE iPhone es CLEAN

  5. Abhi says:

    i want to know that i have the unlock code to my iphone 4 and they asked me to go to itunes store on my iphone and eneter the code we gave. But the problem is that itunes store dont ask for the code.I am using a gevey sim and i am afraid it won’t work if i rested the network settings please help.

  6. faith says:

    I have an iPhone 4s from Verizon wireless (a company in the united states) this company only sells CDMA phones not gsm phones. Can u unlock this phone and make it work with another pervidor such as “straight talk”

  7. Cristoph says:

    RE: unlocking the 3Gs. Under the heading “How to Unlock iPhone 3G -3Gs – Officially” , there appears to be a broken link where you state: “…follow this detailed step by step guide to unlock iPhone 3G / 3Gs”.
    But there is no specific guide to follow. Please explain.

  8. ip4s says:

    Hi, Do you unlock Sprint iPhone 4S 16GB (phone is a Good ESN, Not even Blacklisted), its activated.

    Please let me know

  9. Awesome says:

    Hi! So I wanna get an iPhone 5 under contract from AT&T would I be able to get it factory unlocked?

  10. andrew negoro says:

    saya memiliki iphone 4s 16gb selalu gagal restored dari i thunes ,semua sudah saya coba dari upgrade i thunes terbaru sampai inStal w7 terbaru {sampai sya kira pc saya yg bermasalah sampAi pengaturan windowa32/driver/etc/host sudah saya ruBah atau sya lakukan DAN edit tapi tetap 0 hasilnya?BAGAIMANA SOLUSINYA? tolong di jawab teman teman ku..tanks

  11. David Fonseca says:

    i have a iphone 4 from O2 carrier that just got unlocked.
    this iphone is jailbreaked. i’m using the gevey chip.
    im having a hard time to do this unlock after order.
    when i got the iphone i never actually used a O2 sim on it.
    do i need to “activate” it using an original carrier sim card so i can unlock it to another carrier?

    If you could help about this i would be most appreciated.

  12. minhaj says:

    i cannot able to see the price and order , please could you tell me how to see the price and order it?

  13. Francis Pantus says:

    Can you tell me where to find the unlock iphone 3G/3GS guide(as per your ‘follow this detailed step by step guide to unlock iPhone 3G / 3Gs’)?

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