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Customise iPhone Status Bar With Circular Indicators Using Circlet [Video]

Any iOS device owner who has been involved in the jailbreak world for any significant period of time will tell you that Cydia is packed full of fantastic content. It’s default repositories are constantly being updated to introduce new, innovative and fresh content. Julian Weiss, a prolific and well-known developer in the jailbreak world, is back with yet another package that aims to simplify the look and feel of the status bar at the top of the jailbroken device. Allow us to introduce you to Circlet.


Circlet will undoubtedly be popular amongst those users who love nothing more than to theme their device. Standard practice generally involves using packages such as Winterboard or Dreamboard to install full art packs. However, Circlet is such a simple tweak that it actually bypasses those requirements, allowing users to modify and theme the status bar by simply heading over to the native Settings application. The whole concept of the app is to let users choose to represent signal strength, Wi-Fi/Data connectivity and battery life through the use of stylish circular indicators.

The accompanying preferences panel within the Settings application allows simple customisation of Signal, Wi-Fi/Data and battery indicators. The currently available version of the package offers three circular styles to choose from, with each one coming with an inverted option to further enhance the experience for the end-user. Different styles, inverted options, varying colors and the ability to change the size of the indicator ensures that there will be something for every taste in here.


One of Circlet’s biggest strengths is not that it comes from a well-known developer who has produced consistently solid work. It’s not that it attempts to reach out to the thriving theming community to make status bar customisation a lot easier. Nor is it that it provides a larger number of customisation options. It’s biggest strength is that it manages to provide a substantial and powerful experience to the end-user in a simplistic and non-bloated fashion. A great idea by a great developer and executed extremely well.

Circlet is available to download right now from the Big Boss repository for the princely sum of $0.99.